• Ramsau 2015

    HANá Orienteering , way of living ...

  • Izrael – Mediterranean Championship 2015

    HANá Orienteering , way of living ...

  • ?védsko – Vasaloppet 2015

    HANá Orienteering , way of living ...

  • Skotsko – Scottish 6 Days, WOC

    HANá Orienteering , way of living ...

  • ?ína, Tibet 2015

    HANá Orienteering , way of living ...

  • Itálie – Meeting di Venezia 2015

    HANá Orienteering , way of living ...

HANÁ Orienteering

About Us

Hana Orienteering, Ltd. is the only company in the Czech Republic, dealing with professional orienteering. During the fifteen years of our business activity we specialize in several types of activities: Organizing trips to competitions in orienteering around the world. We focus mostly on exotic terrains and areas – we had several dozen tours from Israel, via Turkey Island or the United Arab Emirates, South America, Australia, China, USA, Canada, Alaska ..

Organizing races abroad

We are involved in the organization of many international competitions in Italy (Venice, Calabria, Puglia, Sicily) our company is co – organizer of PWT races in China.

Organizing O´Events at Czech Republic

With the help of the members of our club SK Hana orienteering we have organized dozens of races – from regional rankings across European Foresters Championship until World Orienteering Championship (Olomouc, 2008). Events for the public, school and companies School competitions for youth of all ages (from nursery school to university) races for companies, competitions for the Czech Army Forces and many others.

Training Camps

We have organized many training camps for Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Japan, Norway and other national teams. We organize trips for recreational runners from abroad, starting with preparing long-term competitors – such as a national team of the United Arab Emirates. The most famous camp for youth is Silva O’camp, which is annually attended by more than 200 children from all over the world.

Permanent controls areas

We operate 5 areas of permanent controls, one abroad. We produce control stands for orienteering, most of them for export (Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Italy etc..)